Cancellations & No Shows
We require 48hrs notice on all cancellations/to reschedule. If you fail to show to an appointment, cancel or reschedule multiple times a $50 non refundable deposit will be taken to secure your next booking. If you cancel, not show or continuously reschedule, you forfeit your deposit.
We understand & appreciate that things happen, but please understand that we are running a business & no shows are a cost.

Appointment Confirmations
All clients receive a confirmation text message the day prior to their appointment. Clients must respond to the confirmation message. If we do not receive a response, your appointment will automatically be cancelled.

Running Late
If you are running late, you must notify Hair Headquarters as soon as possible. If you are reasonably late to your appointment, we might not be able to perform the full service that you were booked in for. We understand sometimes this cannot be avoided but it pushes our whole day back and affects clients booked in after you.

We do not issue any refunds on any services or products. If you are unsatisfied with a service, contact us within a week of when the service was performed and we will correct or adjust your hair free of charge if we feel that we were at fault. We do not guarantee to correct any work if poor quality products have been used by the client outside of the salon.

Inappropriate Behaviour
Hair Headquarters has no tolerance for any rudeness and inappropriate behaviour. You will be asked to leave the salon and no longer welcome back. Be nice :)