• Many Colours to choose from
  • Covers grey seamlessly, even covers dark roots and extends highlights without peroxide
  • Precise application, no mess like sprays
  • Never stiff, sticky or waxy like mascaras and crayons
  • Looks completely natural, mimics hair’s reflective qualities
  • Water resistant formula, you can even swim in it
  • No waxes, dyes or parabens
  • Can also be used to fill in hairlines and cover gaps to create the look of thicker hair


How to use:

Apply to dry hair. Load up small end of brush with powder. Use free hand to pull hair flat/taut against head and press brush down firmly into roots, starting from scalp and working out - do not use sweeping motion. Apply more powder as needed. To extend highlights, use side edge of small brush. Lightly dust off any excess powder with wide end of brush

WOW Root Cover Up

  • Can I use Root Cover Up powder on chemically relaxed or permed hair?
    Root Cover Up is perfectly suited for all chemically treated hair.

    I have Color Wow Root Cover Up in my hair, but want to color it. Do I need to wash out Root Cover Up before coloring?
    Yes, before any new color service, it’s recommended that you wash out Root Cover Up before applying color.

    Can I use Root Cover Up powder on my eyebrows?
    Root Cover Up, although not designed for use on eyebrows, can and has been used on eyebrows with great results. Use the small end of the brush (or any small-tipped brush to allow for precise application). Apply only a very small amount of powder to the eyebrows.

    Can I use Root Cover Up powder to cover up small bald spots?
    The Root Cover Up mineral powder looks best when applied to hair. However, if you want to conceal areas of balding or thinning on the top of your head, you can certainly apply a small amount of powder to the scalp. Be careful to avoid over-applying so as to prevent the powder from coming off of your scalp.

    How do I style with Root Cover Up powder?
    Our Root Cover Up powder should be the very last step in the styling process. Once you have finished styling, cover any visible grey roots or dark re-growth.

    How is this powder different from the root concealer sprays or loose powder available on the market?
    Color Wow Root Cover Up is a mineral powder. Its compressed compact form makes it very easy to apply, just like you would an eyeshadow or blush powder. The small brush guarantees a very precise application that a spray cannot achieve. Our powder “looks and feels like hair” whereas a spray will give a sticky and matte look to the hair. In general, our compact powder gives a much more natural look than achieved with a spray.

    How do I choose the best shade to match my hair color?
    Consult the “Before and After” images on our site to identify the shade closest to your hair color. The reflective pigments in our Root Cover Up are very forgiving & versatile. If you are between shades, we recommend selecting the darker shade.

    Can I give myself temporary highlights with your Root Cover Up?
    Our Root Cover Up is perfect for refreshing highlights in lightened/highlighted hair. It's meant to cover dark roots/re-growth at the part line. However, it's not meant to create a full streak or highlight in the hair